Edition of 750 copies
Offset printing
144 pages (72 X 2), japanese binding (reliure à la japonaise)

30 cm x 24.5 cm (11,8 x 9,6 inches)

ISBN: 978-2-9534516-3-4
Privately published 

Strip-O-Gram chosen as one of the best photobooks of 2012 by Remi Faucheux (founder of RVB publishing), dutch gallerist and publisher Van Zoetendaal, photobooks critic Remi Coignet

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STRIP-O-GRAM in the french edition of VICE Magazine (vol.7 Number 10) - Page 46 to page 51

STRIP-O-GRAM in the german magazine DUMMY  #39 - Page 14 to page 24

1. A form of message delivery in which a woman or man performs a striptease while singing or dancing. The word is a combination of telegram and striptease. This type of entertainment became popular in the 1970s in the US and spread to the UK and Europe during the 1980s. (wikipedia)

After setting up search notifications for items linked to the keyword of “stripper” on the auction house Ebay, Sebastien Girard received email offers between 2007 and 2012 regarding the sales of thousands of amateur photographs taken at domestic strip-tease parties in American homes. In essence, these notifications and his subsequent purchases served as his own surprise invitation and only possible - albeit virtual - gateway into these living room parties where women of all ages take in the sexual show and photograph these men for hire. 

Suite à l'enregistrement de recherches correspondantes au mot clef "stripper" sur le site de ventes aux enchères Ebay, Sébastien Girard a reçu, entre 2007 et 2012, des emails lui notifiant la mise en vente de photographies amateures prises lors de séances de striptease domestique à l'intérieur de foyers américains. L'achat de ces images s'est révélé être une porte d'entrée possible dans ces fêtes privées où des femmes de tout âge se livrent au jeu et se photographient dans des situations parfois embarassantes. stripogram stripogram stripogram stripogram stripogram
stripogram stripogram stripogram

Strip-o-gram is two books in one with the photographs printed on the outer pages and a Japanese binding that allows a partial look at an inner matrix - a slightly hidden text correspondence between Ebay and Girard during their own game of teasing and buying.

Grace à une reliure à la japonaise, le livre dévoile également partiellement les emails échangés entre Sébastien Girard et Ebay.

stripogram strip-o-gram by sebastien girard

signed and numbered, with prints

A special edition of 250 sets containing two books : one regular edition and a second one bound in reverse to fully expose the text correspondence (the dust jacket has been fold in reverse also).
Both books are signed and numbered. 
A yellow enveloppe containing a strip-tease sequence of 4 prints reproduced from the originals purchased on Ebay is included.

L'édition spéciale comprend 2 livres, l'édition courante, à laquelle s'ajoute un deuxième livre mais relié à l'envers. Les 2 livres sont numérotés et signés.
Un enveloppe jaune contenant une série de 4 reproductions de photos achetées sur ebay est incluse.

cover_special_set_stripogram_sebastien_girard.jpg stripogram stripogram

STRIP-O-GRAM Deluxe Edition, 
signed and numbered from 1 to 10, 
with a real dollar jacket and prints

A Deluxe Edition of the first 10 copies includes both books. One of the 2 books is wrapped in an additional dust jacket made from an uncut sheet of actual legal tender bank notes from the US Treasury, along with four colour envelopes of prints ( 13 prints in total ) reproduced from the originals Girard purchased on Ebay.